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Propane FireplacesHawley's is pleased to present another heating alternative for anyone wishing to heat their home with propane or gas. Majestic Vented gas fireplaces are not only an effective and economical heating source but with wide selection of Majestic models to choose from, a beautiful and valuable addition to any home!

We also offer Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces which do not require a chimney and can be vented directly through a wall or roof. The direct vent draws it's combustion air from outside while venting to the same outside atmosphere - thereby not consuming warm house air, nor competing with other appliances and furnaces for combustion air. Direct venting also eliminates drafts and heat loss associated with other fireplaces.

Choose from many accessories and options to personalize your very own fireplace. Vented units may be located just about anywhere because no chimney or foundation is required.

Gas fireplaces are economical as well. These units cost just pennies per hour to operate and are available in natural gas or propane.Visit Majestic's Web Site

You can also have the convenience of instant on/off operation and automatic temperature control with an Ambient Technologies wall thermostat or a state-of-the-art remote control system. With fire at your fingertips, you’re in total control of your home comfort.

Lopi Propane InsertVisit Travis Industries Web SiteIn 1977, Kurt Rumens first began selling stoves to supplement his income as a rock musician. Soon, some retailers started suggesting product improvements so he drafted sketches incorporating the best ideas and submitted back to his manufacturer. He quickly received a terse letter telling him to stick to selling and not product development; but recognizing the importance of aesthetics and efficiency in hearth design, he used the feedback as the foundation for his own heart-products company. So in 1979, he created what is now known as Lopi. The next year, Lopi pioneers the now standardized use of clear ceramic glass and a pre-heated airwash system within wood stoves to keep the fireviewing opening clean. In 1984, Lopi becomes the first U.S. hearth products manufacturer to develop an EPA-certified, non-catalytic wood stove. Today, Lopi is the brand now known for its American classic style of innovation into its high-performance wood, gas and pellet burning stoves, fireplaces and inserts.

Visit Lopi's Web SiteHeat GreenIn their effort to help mother Earth, they have a series of products that are certified Heat Green. As part of serving the community and the world our products are shifting to the newly developed GreenSmart technology as they strive to make their fireplaces, stoves and inserts much more environmentally friendly. Travis Industries are proud to be a member of the HeatGreen Council and are committed to help save the planet.Green Smart


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