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You can purchase Pellet Stoves in our showroom and have the technicians at Hawley's install it for you.

Quadra-Fire Pellet StoveVisit Quadra-Fire's Web SiteWe are pleased to announce the arrival of Quadra-Fire pellet stoves! Each Quadra-Fire stove is designed with a mind toward efficiency and an eye toward beauty.
put great care into every product, using thick steel and design details that both enhance performance and keep the stove working for you day after day, for many, many years. Efficient, reliable, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly, Quadra-Fire is always the smart choice for alternative-energy home heating.

Download Product Brochure Here.

KOZI Pellet StovesEnjoy the warmth and comfort of a KOZI Pellet Burner. This state of the art burner has been designed to provide you with years of trouble-free heating and tranquility. Wood pellet fuel is clean burning, non-polluting, and energy efficient. The KOZI Pellet Burner has been designed to meet and exceed the most stringent quality and safety standards. These attractive stoves come standard with a highly efficient 10-tube Heat Exchanger and an Advanced Glass Saver (screen which reduces glass cleaning frequency).

Designed to generate heat using waste wood by-product pellets, the KOZI Previa is a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly, economically priced unit. KOZI Pellet appliances are considered "clean burning" as they produce low environmental emissions and ash content.

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As a primary or supplemental heat source, KOZI Pellet Burners produce a large amount of heat while requiring little maintenance. KOZI products have been designed to meet the most stringent and rigid safety specifications in order to last a lifetime.

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